Welcome to IT!

There are more of these guys than you think.

Yeah, you’re going to have a lot of fun here. From the inability to sign on to the network, to people deleting three weeks of work in a single key stroke, to Ms. Whitcombe not understanding why her computer keeps freezing up, even though she has been warned about that coupon site five times it is best to understand the one rule of the jungle:

It is all your fault. Even though you have absolutely no control over the stupidity of your fellow co-workers, it will always be your fault.

OK, so what are you as an IT organization going to do about it? You could take your lumps, or become cynical because there are some people who should not be around a computer under any circumstances. Or you could find a way to collect data on every problem that plagues your company and find out how to prevent it in the future. Most IT Departments are looking for 2 things: Excellent customer service, leading to happy customers and great productivity. Of course achieving these lofty goals for little or no money is also on our mind. But these are the basics that drive us: Productivity and Customer Service.

Allow me to introduce you to ITIL.

Yes, another ingredient in the IT alphabet soup. Groan all you want, but unlike cleverly named languages, ITIL is a common sense process, created to make sure that the things that drive your co-workers crazy are reported and looked at, problems are given solutions and changes are made with knowledge and forethought. Because while everything may be your fault, it is still your responsibility to fix it. ITIL gives you a roadmap. Get into the car. Time to drive.


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